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RAISE Meditation

I have turned to yoga during the most stressful times of my life. It has helped me reconnect with myself, feel grounded, and reminded me of my strength. More and more often, I find myself sitting rather than moving and raising myself through meditation and mindful awareness.  I listen to dharma talks and guided meditations […]

Why a Routine & Schedule are Beneficial (4 min read)

It’s easy to complain about how things never change and sometimes, it’s out of our control, but I’d argue that most times it’s because we aren’t prioritizing or putting work into whatever we want to change. Though we all wish there were, there isn’t a quick fix. Rewiring the brain to replace old habits with […]

Whether You’re an Introvert or Extrovert, Social Wellness is for You! (3.5 min read)

Being an introvert can be rewarding and challenging. I love my quiet alone time and also love spending time in small groups building intimacy and close friendships.  I could easily stay at my home for days and not see or talk to anyone and be totally content.  At the same time, I enjoy participating in […]

Normalizing Not Buying (6 minute read)

Retail therapy is an actual thing. A study published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology in 2014 found that shopping can make people happier and reduce lingering sadness because it allows people to feel more in control of their own lives. Shopping is sensual, meaning a lot of senses are stimulated when we’re doing it. […]

3 Tips for Healthy Eating (4 min read)

Eating right is something we all know we should do. For most of us, it’s easier said than done (I’ve never understood those ‘I eat to live’ people; I also don’t believe them!). Whether it’s an addiction to certain additives, the convenience of take out, the lack of knowledge about nutrients, an absence of self-control when it […]