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Are you sweet on sugar? (6 minute read)

Oh how I loved sugar. Desserts were my best friend and if the loveliness also included some flaky crust, I was in heaven. But it turns out sugar and refined grains are actually abusers who sneak into your life with their sweetness and allure of a good time and then weasel their way into your life so […]

Eating My Emotions of Joy! (2 min read)

For so long I believed what society had ingrained in me about food, especially as a woman. I should only eat so much of it and certain kinds of it, otherwise I’d be fat forever. Eating was never an enjoyable experience for me because I was constantly presuming that whatever I ate was going to cause […]

What is whole-being wellness?

Maybe you’ve heard the term “holistic” before, meaning whole and interconnected. Holistic wellness looks at health from multiple directions and addresses the maintenance of the body using many different modalities- Western, Eastern, alternative, allopathic. Whole-being wellness is what happens when you see yourself as a complex living being. One that is interconnected and interdependent, not […]