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Do-It-Together Workshops

We teach how you learn. Fully customize a DIT workshop to meet your needs.

  • Visualize Your Life: customizable vision boards using boxes, flower pots, jar, frames, etc. 
  • I Am Affirming: write your own effective affirmations 
  • Set Realistic Goals: break down your big goal into itty bitty goals so you can actually reach them 
  • Yoga, Pilates, Exercise: strengthen your mind-body-spirit connection
  • Meditate: manage stress, relax, and heal 
  • Meal Prep: simplify your week and make healthy eating a no brainer 
  • Weekly Workout Plan: create a personalized well-rounded exercise routine
  • Intro to Journaling: how to make writing and reflection a habit 
  • Your Brain on Meditation: the basic neuroscience behind the benefits of meditation
  • Mindfulness All Day, Everyday: how to incorporate simple awareness to regular life 
  • Get Outside: guided local hikes to move your body and connect with nature
  • My Planet, My Home: how to create simple sustainable living practices to “green” your life 
  • Clear Your Space, Clear Your Mind: organize to declutter 
  • Sexual Health: openly discuss female wellness in a safe group

Starting rate of $200 for a maximum of 10 people.

Wellness Coaching

TaDā Wellness Package

  • 6 months of highly personalized coaching to nurture and solidify your new healthy lifestyle habits
  • Meet in-person or via video with your coach for 1-2 hours every month to define your values and create and refine your specific goals
  • Speak weekly with your coach during phone calls to discuss your progress and stay on the track of success (30 min)
  • Check-in often with your coach via text for regular accountability and encouraging support
  • Co-create a Calendar of Actions to clearly lay out your unique plan
  • Live your new habit by engaging in one-on-one Do It Together (DIT) sessions (2 sessions)
  • Gain unlimited access to group DIT Workshops offered to the wellness community

Just $997 to invest in your whole-being wellness for 6 months of personalized coaching!

Wellness Education

SEL Starts with the Teacher Course

TaDā Wellness is an Approved Continuing Education Provider with the Nevada Department of Education! The very first course focuses on a topic near and dear to our hearts – Social Emotional Learning! We know how valuable it is to students and are happy there is a push to get it into the classrooms. But, teachers need support too! Our course offers practical ways to live and teach SEL by using mindfulness as a tool.  Educators will receive a certificate for 20-hrs of continuing education for licensure renewal. 

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