Recognizing Your Worth by Rewarding Yourself (2 min read)

Trees have always fascinated me. They are known to symbolize life, rooted and grounded into the earth, producing life whether it be more branches, leaves, or fruit. What I find absolutely fascinating looking at each one of these trees I saw in the wilderness is the bends in each one, areas of desolation and death, but also growth in other areas. We don’t look at these trees and see these imperfections as ugly, rather we look at them in awe. Should we not do the same to our own imperfections? Our own growth? The areas we’ve chosen to nurture and the areas we’ve decided to prune? 

Yet oftentimes, recognizing our own value can be the most difficult. Our society has made trauma or overworking a red badge of courage, yet none of us want to experience that pain. None of us should have to be overworked or resilient to feel valued. Yet, that’s reality. Most of us are overworked, and all of us have experienced pain in some shape or form.

You may not want to have to be strong or resilient, but recognize that you are.

Embrace a growth mindset and positive self-talk. Don’t discount your accomplishments big or small. Reward yourself. It goes a long way and actually changes the chemical makeup of your brain. Celebrating yourself can be challenging, but just like the trees whose imperfections and areas of growth can create awe, so should your own growth, your own progress, and yes, even the hiccups along the way.

These make you who you are and who you are is strong.

Here are 5 simple ways you can start celebrating your progress and rewarding yourself for your accomplishments, big or small:

  1. Give yourself a physical pat on the back, do your favorite dance, or sing a favorite tune.
  2. Take a moment to say a positive affirmation or an encouraging word to yourself. Try looking in the mirror as you say it.
  3. Take a moment to jot down a list of accomplishments for the day. Put it in your notes app or a journal.
  4. Snap a picture of an accomplishment you’re proud of. Post it on social media or keep it for yourself to scroll back through your album.
  5. Start a positivity thread with a select group of friends. Every day share a positive win or accomplishment from the day. Spread positivity by celebrating yourselves.

Leave a comment and share a way you celebrate your growth and accomplishments! What is something you are proud of yourself for accomplishing recently?

Author: Dana Perich, Wellness Educator & Coach