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Tamara’s Thoughts on Meditation

“If you haven’t tried it yet, I’m excited for you. No matter who you are, what you’ve done, or where you want to be in life, meditation is a habit worth cultivating. Who will you grow into? Sit and find out.”

Dana’s Thoughts on Meditation

“When I first heard meditation I didn’t really understand it. I just imagined myself trying to shut off all my thoughts which is hard for someone who is always thinking, but that’s really not it at all. Meditation is practicing in the here and now, recognizing the present. It’s amazing what happens when you stop having expectations and just do it.”


Enjoy these free guided meditations from Tamara Kinoshita, wellness educator and coach, that range anywhere from 7 minutes to 22 minutes.

Seeds of Intention (m4a)

Metamorphosis (m4a)

Tree (m4a)

Strong (m4a)

Soften Soothe Allow (m4a)

Grateful Body (m4a)

Blooming intentions (m4a)

Expanding Your Volume (m4a)