Expand Your Volume (5-10 minute reading and meditation)

Expand Your Volume

This blog is a visualization meditation and opportunity for cultivating “positive” states of being. I hope it grows your spirit. If you’d like to listen along, you can download a free recording titled “Expanding Your Volume” on our meditation page

We each exist in a concatenation* of spheres. 

Start small with just yourself. Imagine you are inside an invisible ball, a 3-dimensional circle. Make it transparent so you can see through it, but you know it’s there. Like a huge hamster ball, but not so scary. If you extend your limbs or straighten your spine, the sphere grows with you. How far does it extend? How much space is in this sphere? 

(Close your eyes and breathe here until you’re ready to move on.)

This is your personal bubble. You can call it a personal sphere, energy bubble, globe of me ….   It’s the space you occupy and may feel very strongly about it. 

Notice any feeling you have about it.

(Close your eyes and sense your feelings until you’re ready to move on.)

Next, imagine that you’re in your bubble and someone you care about comes towards you. They also have a sphere around them. As they approach, a single point on your bubble touches a single point on theirs**.  As they come nearer, more space in their sphere is being shared with yours, like 3-dimensional Venn diagrams. Eventually you’re so close you can wrap your arms around each other and it’s almost as if your bubble and theirs have superimposed and are one. Like a soap bubble that comes in contact with another soap bubble will grow into a larger bubble, your personal bubbles do the same. They grow into a big, encompassing sphere. Together, you take up more space. 

This is happening with all the people in your life whom you care about. Everyone has a sphere. When you let them into your life, the volume of your bubble grows. The personal bubble becomes a family bubble, or tribal sphere, or community. And you take care of those inside this sphere more than you may tend to those who exist mostly outside of it.

This bubble of care is also reflexive in nature because you are being cared for by the other people who have let YOU into THEIR sphere. So, the more bubbles you pop into, the more people who can take care of each other.  As your sphere grows there are more beings in it sharing space and that creates more good vibes swirling around.

Imagine again you are in your bubble. Can you feel and see it get really big? How many people can be welcomed into this bubble? As it grows, allow yourself to feel how much love is in this sphere. And happiness. And compassion. And support. And laughter.

(Close your eyes and sit with this visualization until you’re ready to move on.)

Imagine you grow this orb even more and let it reach as far as you can. To the edges of town? Across borders? Around the entire Earth? Beyond?

Now fill the space in your ginormous sphere with love. Kindness. Compassion. Peacefulness. Laughter. Hope.

(Close your eyes and hold this awareness until you’re ready to move on.)


*I found this word when I was looking up synonyms for series and really like it. I love learning new words.  Concatenation (n). /kənˌkatnˈāSH(ə)n/. a series of interconnected things or events

** In geometry that’s called a tangent.

Author: Tamara Kino, Wellness Coach & Trainer